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This site's layout and design were inspired by Apple's home page from 1998 and back when the iPod (remember those?) had a moving mechanical wheel. I realized that the three-pane gallery would accommodate AOL's classic dial-up sequence nicely and decided to run with it. "You've Got Mail!" and the "Running Man" logo are registered trademarks of whoever owns AOL nowadays.


The magic that awaits after finally connecting to dial-up seeks to capture the serendipity of, originally created by Tim Nolan, Jen Lu, and Lasse Korsgaard. It hearkens back to an Internet that wasn't so commercialized and predictable — one that felt more unexpected and delightfully weird.

Gatsby Galaxy

The icon orbit on the home page is a (bad) CSS-in-JS implementation of this Stack Overflow response. Icons are from the Macintosh Repository.

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